57 minutes | Apr 16th 2021

MTP25: How to Move Abroad with David McNeill of Expat Empire

David McNeill is the founder of Expat Empire. He is focused on inspiring people to move abroad and showing them how to do it. In addition to producing books, podcasts, blog posts, meetup events, and more, Expat Empire offers personalized consulting services to give everyone the opportunity to achieve their international dreams. David started Expat Empire because he has a genuine passion for living abroad. He left the United States in 2014 and has since lived in Tokyo, Berlin, and Porto. In this episode of The Millennial Travel Podcast I discuss with David McNeill: How he found his first job abroad What life is like in Portugal What life is like in Germany What like is like in Japan How he makes friends living abroad How David supports himself consulting with people to move abroad How getting laid off abroad led David to start an international business How David is pursuing his European Passport via Portugal. What David thinks about expatriating yourself and tax implications of living abroad as an American How David learns new languages The Millennial Travel Podcast Rapid Fire Questions I ask David McNeill: Where he recommends people move for a minimum of two years? (Berlin!) Where is the best digital nomad / freelancer hub besides Berlin? (Portugal, Bali, Thailand) Full shownotes: http://under30experiences.com/blog/how-to-move-abroad-with-david-mcneill-of-expat-empire
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