67 minutes | Oct 14th 2020

MTP11: Where to Travel Fall & Winter 2020 w/ Ben Collier

Ben Collier is General Manager at Incredible Adventures and is a wizard when it comes to organizing itineraries in the United States.  He’s an expert when it comes to US National Parks, camping, and hiking, and has worked in adventure travel for nearly a decade, including five years on the ground as a guide. Complete shownotes and all the links can be found on millennialtravelpodcast.com Ben and I get the chance to talk about USA road trips and where people should travel in fall and winter 2020 while keeping them safe from COVID19.   In this episode we discuss:    How did Ben get started as a traveler and trip leader in the United States?  His experience in Alaska and Hawaii A great itinerary for Portland, Oregon  Crater Lake National Park  Cascade Mountains Where to travel this fall? Fall foliage ideas   Where to travel in the United States during the winter?    Matt’s pick: South Florida, Miami or Fort Lauderdale to the Everglades National Park and Florida Keys Skiing and how social distancing will work Joshua Tree, Death Valley Yellowstone, Yosemite Zion/Bryce Canyon Lake Tahoe  Matt’s article referenced: Millennials are Fleeing Cities, Escaping 9-5, & Avoiding Taxes Reno Cool neighborhoods like Mid-town Reno Truckee, California  Hikes near Las Vegas, Nevada Where to get a COVID19 test to show states like Rhode Island, Maine, and Hawaii?  At home test kits  What are the best US National Parks?  Where should people travel in the winter in the United States? What should first people know about their first time camping?  Hiking safety tips. Hike in groups Bring sufficient water Tell someone where you are going Always bring salty foods and extra electrolytes Dress in layers; avoid cotton Bear safety tips  Bear spray Bear bell Leave no trace camping and hiking principles  Free Leave No Trace Certification What to bring on a road trip?  Safety, should you get a tune up? Should you have a first-aid kit and fire extinguisher? Should you replace your tires? Pack extra food, water Blanket  AAA Membership  Is California safe to travel to right now? Are the California wildfires contained? Exploring your backyard   Rapid fire questions:  Favorite US National Park? Yosemite Favorite state to visit in the United States? Alaska  Favorite small town in America?  Best hike in America?  Angles landing, Zion National Park  One piece of camping gear he couldn’t live without. Good sleeping bag; Marmot  One piece of hiking gear he couldn’t live without.  Leki lightweight hiking poles Resources:  Incredible Adventures, San Francisco’s greenest tour company, powered by petroleum free biofuel. @Incadventures on Instagram Get in touch with Ben: ben (at) incredibleadventures (dot) com Complete shownotes and all the links can be found on millennialtravelpodcast.com  
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