57 minutes | Nov 3, 2020

Social Media, Election 2020, and Online Speech

How are social media platforms dealing with disinformation in the midst of election 2020? Experts joined host Jeffrey Rosen to explore that question as well as the complex, persistent issues surrounding the regulation of online speech and content, and how all of that relates to the First Amendment and free speech norms. The panel featured David Hudson, Jr., First Amendment Fellow at the Freedom Forum; Professor Kate Klonick of St. John’s University School of Law, who’s studied and written about the creation of the Facebook Oversight Board; John Samples, Vice President at the Cato Institute, who’s a member of the Oversight Board; and Professor Nate Persily, co-director of the Stanford Program on Democracy and the Internet. This program was presented in partnership with the Freedom Forum, and its chair, Jan Neuharth, delivers opening remarks.For more on the 2020 election and nonpartisan educational resources, check out our recent election-related episodes of Live at the National Constitution Center, and visit the National Constitution Center’s election resources page—which includes informative podcast episodes, video lessons and more—at constitutioncenter.org/calendar/election-day-programming.
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