20 minutes | Jan 19, 2020

How Many Parents Unknowingly Ruin Their Children

It’s surprising how many parents unknowingly ruin their children. This is especially true when it comes to financial trusts. As Doug Andrew explains, it’s not something they intend to do. But when parents set out to provide equal distribution instead of equal opportunity, there are often costly, unintended consequences. Would you like to know what your Abundant Living Score is? Click Here to gain immediate access to the Three Tools for a Strategic and Predictable Retirement. Doug shares his best strategies to avoid this costly mistake and also explains what he considers the best low risk investment. HERE IS A SNEAK PEEK OF SOME OF THE TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: What are the common risks found in most family trusts and how can you avoid them? Doug sheds light on how to preserve, protect and perpetuate your wealth while empowering your family members Why is it a mistake to try to be “fair” when it comes to your how your assets will be distributed to your children? Doug explains how dumping them into the laps of your children can set them up for failure. How does equal distribution of your assets promote an attitude of “Me, me, me” instead of “We, together we’re better”? Doug draws on more than 4 decades of experience to illustrate why this matters. What makes an entitlement mindset so detrimental to authentic 3 dimensional wealth? Doug shares the reasons why this mindset is to be avoided at all costs. What is a family bank and why is it such a blessing to current and future generations? Doug’s explanation spells out the financial, foundational and intellectual assets are key to 3 dimensional wealth. Are there better ways to save for the future than in an IRA or 401(k)? Doug lays out the reasons why following the herd is not the place to find peace of mind. And much, much more… Start by visiting with a wealth architect today. What are the five key objectives to financial abundance? How can you evaluate various financial vehicles using the LASER test? Click Here to gain immediate access to the Three Tools for a Strategic and Predictable Retirement. *Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment. The post How Many Parents Unknowingly Ruin Their Children appeared first on Live Abundant.
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