12 minutes | Feb 10, 2016

The Importance of Play (LALYL #003)

The post The Importance of Play (LALYL #003) appeared first on Jeremy Hendon: Live a Life You Love. Depression, decreased emotional regulation, diminished impulse control, shallow relationships, higher likelihood of violent crime. Those are just a few of the things that are made more likely by playing too little. In this episode of Live a Life You Love, I discuss why play is so critical for every aspect of your life, from your relationships to your business/career to your health.  I also talk about 4 of the easiest ways to add more play into your life. This is particularly important to me, not only because I love play (and games in particular), but also because play has helped me overcome both burnout and minor bouts of depression. And I have many friends for whom play has also played a big role in the improvement of their mental and emotional well-being. All animals play, and humans – you – are no exception.  If you want to live a thriving life, then play is absolutely necessary.  Here are just a few of the benefits: Play reduces fear and anger and instead builds unity and friendship. Playfulness – and the skills that playfulness develops, such as a good sense of humor and fun-loving – are some of the most highly valued traits among members of both sexes when choosing a sexual partner. Play both improves creativity and also leads to a better attitude and more persistence at work. Unfortunately, the time allotted for play for both kids and adults has decreased dramatically over the last half-century, with some estimates showing a decrease of up to 71%. No matter who you are, play is critically important for living a life you love.  Please listen and let me know below if you’ve got any thoughts or comments! The post The Importance of Play (LALYL #003) appeared first on Jeremy Hendon: Live a Life You Love.
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