27 minutes | Jun 24, 2021

Creating A Family Screen Time Plan with Andrea Davis of Better Screen Time

If you're feeling anything like me, your children LOVE screens but you're realizing how much of a monster they turn into after just one show. I reached out to Andrea Davis of Better Screen Time to have her on the podcast....mostly just to give ME a pep talk and plan! This episode is for families with children of all ages. Andrea tells us it's never too early to start thinking about how your kids will use screens in the home, and I'm 100% with her on NO screens in the bedroom!CHECK OUT ANDREA'S BOOK: Creating a Tech Healthy FamilyVisit Better Screen Time's WebsiteGet a list of 100 Screen-Free Ideas!Follow Andrea on Instagram @betterscreentime_________Teach your preschooler to sleep independently in their rooms all night without depending on iPad, TV or your presence to fall asleep all night long! Check out Becca's Preschool Sleep E-Coaching™ Program to help make sleep a thing in your home!
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