5 minutes | Jun 24, 2021

Introducing: Healthyish

We're excited to be bringing you a sneak peek at the latest from our friends at Bon Appétit! Healthyish is a six-part mini-series that takes on food and wellness in all their delicious complexity. Join host Amanda Shapiro (editorial director of Bon Appétit and the founding editor of Healthyish) along with professional chefs, home cooks, foragers, and of course our very own cast of Bon Appétit personalities to dive deep into what it means to eat, drink, and live healthy(ish), with lots of cooking advice and recipe ideas along the way.Subscribe now so you don't miss out on new episodes of Healthyish: Apple Podcasts: http://listen.bonappetit.com/ba-apple Spotify: http://listen.bonappetit.com/ba-spotify Google Podcasts: http://listen.bonappetit.com/ba-spotify Stitcher: http://listen.bonappetit.com/ba-stitcher Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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