52 minutes | May 18, 2021

BONUS EPISODE : Mosquito Coast with Melissa George

BONUS EPISODE from Vanity Fair's Still Watching:

On this special episode of the Still Watching podcast, presented by Apple TV+ and Vanity Fair, hosts Preeti Chhibber and Chris Feil discuss the latest episode, set at the elaborate Mexican hacienda where the Fox family takes refuge after a harrowing journey through the desert. What seems initially to be an oasis, with fancy bedrooms and even an in-house mezcal distillery, quickly turns sinister, particularly with the arrival of family matriarch Lucrecia (Ofelia Medina). By episode's end it's the Fox family matriarch Margot (Melissa George) who has taken control, shepherding her children to safety and wielding a gun in a way that seems to reveal plenty about her and Allie's mysterious past. 

After discussing the show thus far and how it's telling the story of an American family on the run, Preeti talks to Melissa George about how she came on board the project, how she's playing Margot as a woman born of privilege who decided to go on the run with her eccentric husband, and what might come next in the remaining episodes of Mosquito Coast's seven-part season. 

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