33 minutes | May 18, 2021

Te-Ping Chen on funeral strippers, and her collection of short stories, Land of Big Numbers.

On this week’s episode, Angie speaks with author and journalist Te-Ping Chen, whose collection of short stories about China, Land of Big Numbers, is available now. They talk about robots cutting your noodles, funeral strippers, and hotline girls.Te-Ping’s book The Land of Big Numbers is available now, and you can purchase it via the link on our website, LitUpPodcast.com. You can learn learn more about Te-Ping’s writing at te-pingchen.com and read her work in the Wall Street Journal.Lit Up is a Podcast from Sugar23. It is hosted by Angela Ledgerwood. This week’s episode was edited by Rebecca Seidel. The show is produced by Liam Billingham. Mike Mayer and Michael Sugar are the executive producers. The theme music is by Andrey Radovsky.
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