33 minutes | Apr 27, 2021

Jess Walter on the ‘She-Dog of Anarchy’ Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and his new novel The Cold Millions.

On this episode, Angie speaks with award-winning author Jess Walter about his novel, The Cold Millions, inspired by his grandfather’s years crisscrossing the west by train, searching for work. Angie and Jess talk about how to make the best Manhattan, wealth inequality in the Gilded Age, and why the history of organizing in Spokane, Washington resonates today.Jess' book, The Cold Millions, is available now, and there's a link to purchase it on our website, LitUpPodcast.com. You can find more of his work at JessWalter.comLit Up is a Podcast from Sugar23. It is hosted by Angela Ledgerwood. The show is produced by Liam Billingham. Mike Mayer and Michael Sugar are the executive producers. The theme music is by Andrey Radovsky.
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