32 minutes | Mar 6th 2017

06: Apologies for the Bar Tab with Rosa Escandón

Comedian ROSA ESCANDÓN was simply celebrating a night out on the town after a successful burlesque performance with Sam and Maurice. After being insulted by Maurice, Rosa left her tab open at the bar. From there, all hell breaks loose. Guns, drugs, hobos, and MARRIAGE? Just another series of ill-fated mistakes made by our heroes.   How was Sam’s burlesque performance? Where did Rosa go after she left the bar? Why did Maurice take a doll from a summoning circle? All this and a twist ending that will blow your mind on another episode of SQUASHING BEEF!     Please rate and subscribe to Squashing Beef on iTunes   Follow Rosa Escondón on Twitter @therealescandon and on Instagram @rosachay   You can see Rosa at ROCK N’ ROAST, a monthly comedy and karaoke show at Hell Phone in Brooklyn on March 24th. For more information, check out the Facebook event page. Rosa will also be hosting the Tusk.com Presents show on April 23rd.