33 minutes | Jun 12, 2021

Taking Action Toward A God-Given Goal | Part 2: Renovate

Do you have a God-given goal in your heart, but struggle to know when or how to start taking action towards it? In the Old Testament book of Nehemiah, we learn from an ordinary guy with extraordinary faith how he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in just 52 short days. Like Nehemiah, God is calling you to take action for the burdens he has given you. What is he asking you to stand up and do courageously? In this message from part 2 of Liquid Church’s series, Renovate, Pastor Kayra Montanez shares how you can begin taking action for the cause of Christ in your home, your world, your career, and in God’s church. We see that Nehemiah wasn’t a powerful man in his day - but he didn’t need to be the best. Rather, like Nehemiah, we just need to care the most to take action toward the goals God has placed on our hearts. As we renovate our worlds, we also need to lean on God for patience. We need to trust His perfect timing! Last, God-given goals require careful planning to reach them. You can pray AND plan as you let God into the process and journey. As you watch this message, we pray that you will see God at work as you take action in your life for His purposes. As you courageously act on the burden He has placed in you, remember that God has the power to help you complete it! Renovate Series | Pastor Kayra Montanez| Liquid Church #Renovate #Restoration #Action #TakeAction #Courage #Nehemiah #Rebuild #LiquidChurch #Christianity #ChristianChurch
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