43 minutes | Jun 5, 2021

Rebuilding After A Tragedy | Part 1: Renovate

What’s broken in our world that breaks your heart? Is there anything in your own life that is broken and needs fixing? Whether that’s your marriage, your career, or your family life… The truth is, God can turn some of the biggest burdens on your heart into a blessing beyond your own life. It’s by his power that we can move forward and rebuild after a tragedy. In fact, that’s exactly what God did with Nehemiah. In this message from the kickoff of Liquid Church’s series, Renovate, Pastor Tim Lucas shares wisdom from the Old Testament book of Nehemiah to help you rebuild your life when times get tough. Watch and learn from Nehemiah’s incredible example of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in just 52 days. We pray this message will help you discover God’s plan to renovate your heart and home! Renovate Series | Pastor Tim Lucas | Liquid Church #Renovate #Restoration #Brokenness #Prayer #Nehemiah #Rebuild #Healing #FreshStart #LiquidChurch #Christianity #ChristianChurch
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