45 minutes | Jun 19, 2021

How To Stand Up To Opposition | Part 3: Renovate

If you have a God-given burden on your heart, at some point you will likely face opposition on the path to reach your goal. It is true that when God’s work is done, the devil doesn’t like it. The enemy of our souls, Satan, will do everything he can to try and stop you. We may face opposition from others who criticize us, or sometimes we face internal, spiritual opposition in the form of doubt, discouragement, and defeat. However, Nehemiah in the Old Testament of the Bible provides a great example for us of how we can stand up to opposition and persevere for the glory of God. In this message from part 3 of Liquid Church’s series, Renovate, Pastor Tim Lucas reflects on Nehemiah’s journey to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in just 52 short days. Likewise, if you desire to renovate your world, whether it be your marriage, career, your health, etc… Take heart. Be encouraged. God is with you in the face of opposition. As you watch this message, we pray that you will be encouraged to stand strong, to courageously persevere and pursue the God-given burden on your heart. Renovate Series | Pastor Tim Lucas | Liquid Church #Renovate #Restoration #Opposition #Perseverance #Persevere #Courage #Nehemiah #Rebuild #LiquidChurch #TimLucas #Christianity #ChristianChurch
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