45 minutes | Apr 24, 2021

Finding Happiness Where You Least Expect It | Part 3: Crazy Happy

The Beatitudes from Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount reveal God’s plan for discovering happiness where we least expect it. Ultimately, these mysterious verses reveal God’s plan for us to live a blessed, abundant life. But when we read Scripture like Matthew 5:6, which says “Blessed are the meek '' then Jesus' wisdom makes many of us scratch our heads. That’s because, in our culture, we’re taught that meekness is weakness. But that’s not true in Christ’s Kingdom. Actually, meekness is defined as strength under control.

In this message from Part 3 of Liquid Church’s Crazy Happy series, Pastor and Author Daniel Fusco leads us through a powerful guest message all about how to find the deep happiness we all crave through God’s perfect and often countercultural plan.

Crazy Happy Series | Pastor Daniel Fusco | Liquid Church

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