3 minutes | Mar 5, 2015

LT 043: How Long Will My Liposuction Treatment Last?

Trevor Schmidt PA-C, a frequent contributor to Liposculpture Talk from MyShape Lipo in Henderson, Nevada is here.  He’s going to discuss How long is the typical procedure going to take? Here it is. Enjoy the episode! You can also find the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher and Sound Cloud. Well, with this question it is going to be difficult to give an exact answer because it is going to vary widely from person to person.  In general, it is going to be about a half hour and forty-five minutes for every other retreat.  So if you are doing two areas, it will take about an hour, hour and a half.  Three areas, we are talking an hour and a half to two hours potentially.  Four to five areas we are talking about two to three hours.  With that said, it is going to very and it just depends.  We are not going to speed up the process to appease our schedule and we are not going to do things that would put the patient in harms way.  The most important thing is doing our job and accomplishing goals that we set out to accomplish with the individual patient.  With that said, with my experience, I have done thousands and thousands of these procedures.  We have gotten very good.  My team is very well versed with this procedure and liposuction is all that we do.  We are very efficient and we are very quick and we do a very good job.   Over the years, obviously we’ve had issues and we have tried to anticipate any potential issue so that patients today can reap the benefits of issues we have had in the past.  One of the advantages with going with someone who has a lot of experience in any procedure, liposuction, doing what we do, it is important to use your experience to learn from the past situations to help alleviate future problems and that’s what we do here at MyShape Lipo.  We use our extensive experience with thousands and thousands of procedures to help move the process along.  To make it quicker, more efficient and to make it overall more comfortable and easy process for our patients.  Hope that helped and hope to see you back soon.
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