3 minutes | Jan 13, 2015

LT 039: QA Do Stretchmarks Improve with Lipo?

Trevor Schmidt PA-C, a frequent contributor to Liposculpture Talk from MyShape Lipo in Henderson, Nevada is here.  He’s going to discuss stretch marks and will they improve with liposuction. Here it is. Enjoy the episode! You can also find the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Now liposuction is not designed to affect the stretch marks. The stretch marks is damage to the skin. Liposuction primarily is meant to reduce the volume. Now, with that said, when you are larger, what tends to happen, is the skin is stretched out further because of the fat in those stretch marks become much more obvious, both in the width and in the length. So with liposuction, what we’ve found for these very large individuals that have a substantial amount of stretch marks that are stretched out, it’s really significantly benefits these stretch marks to remove the volume of fat behind them.  So if we can remove the fat from the abdomen causing these stretch marks to be more obvious.  The removal of the fat will take the pressure off and will allow the skin to retract back and cause those stretch marks to get smaller.   Now, when you have stretch marks, there is inherent damage to the skin and it essentially breaks the bonds and breaks and damages the skin causing the appearance of the stretch marks.  And typically, the skin is much looser and thinner in these areas because of the damage of the skin.  Now, in cases like this, we do recommend the use of the smartlipo laser. And the laser is used primarily for the skin tightening, and if we can get more tightening in the skin, it will reduce the amount of stretch marks even further.  This smartlipo laser will in addition help loosen any collagen growth, and the collagen growth will improve in that area for six months following the procedure.   So, again, to recap, the removal of the significant volume of fat will help reduce the pressure on the stretch marks and therefore making the stretch marks smaller.  So you are looking to reduce the stretch marks now.  They are not going to go away completely but they will be significantly smaller after liposuction.  Hope you guys enjoyed. If you guys have any further questions, please give us a call at our office.  
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