6 minutes | Jan 10, 2015

LT 038: QA Benefits of Smart Lipo Laser Skin Tightening

Trevor Schmidt PA-C, a frequent contributor to Liposculpture Talk from MyShape Lipo in Henderson, Nevada is here.  He’s going to discuss  the benefits of smartlipo laser skin tightening. So the people that would use the smartlipo laser for the skin tightening are those that are primarily concerned with the looseness of skin before liposuction. If you have looser skin before liposuction it’s likely that you’ll have looser skin after liposuction. Its just the nature of what we do. Now we will be removing volume and we do stimulate a healing response so to some degree you will get some tightening of the skin but the question is just how much. It’s not something that we can predict. Everybody’s has a different capacity for healing and skin tightening. So if you're concerned about looseness of the skin before the smartlipo laser is going to help you get the most skin tightening after liposuction. So how this works is we pass the laser under the skin and the heat from the laser causes a contraction. It also stimulates collagen growth for 6 months after the procedure so the studies show you’ll get increased growth in collagen for 6 months after which will give you continually thickening and tightening of the skin. Here it is. Enjoy the episode! You can also find the podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Now the collagen is what it going to give your skin the thicker texture and that tighter feel and the elasticity you had when you were younger. Now when you age, the collagen continues to diminish with time. Now, the laser for the skin tightening, there are many many benefits to this smart lipo laser. We discuss primarily the skin tightening benefits but the heat source also offers a few other things that are worth mentioning in that it coagulates blood vessels. What that means is that during the liposuction procedure it’s possible that we break blood vessels and they would bleed. So the heat would coagulate the blood vessels to make for less bleeding, less bruising, less swelling after the procedure. So it’s believed that the use of the laser will reduce the swelling, reduce the bruising, and make for a quicker recovery following liposuction. In addition to reducing bruising, the laser has been shown to help with cellulite. Now cellulite, as you may have heard from one of my previous videos, is a issue with connective tissue and it basically, the tissue is pulling down in one area more than another. Now the laser can come through and basically
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