41 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

LNJ037 - Mario Havel Talks Bitcoin Lightning Onboarding

Transcription: sicksub.network/LNJ037_transcript  This is the 37th episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast! In this episode we have Mario Havel, Mario is known for being a shepherd of onboarding people to the Lightning Network. He works with Paralelni Polis and their Decentruck to extole a crypto anarchy perspective. More than that, Mario is working towards creating and existing in a parallel economy. In this episode he goes into more detail how an organization like Paralelni Polis can help create Bitcoin economies and how something like Lightning Network can do its part. We talk about: 3:37 - Background of Paralelni Polis 7:20 - Parallel Economy 15:29 - Integrating Lightning 16:21 - Who is Lightning Network for? 18:00 - Onboarding with Lightning vs Onchain 22:29 - The Ethical Dilemma of Recommending a Custodial Wallet to a Noob 25:19 - The Lightning Arc  27:02 - Why Should You Run a Full Node? 32:01 - Best Practices for Onboarding Someone to Lightning Network 34:06   - Darknet Markets and Their Practical Use 36:01 - Darknet Market Built on Lightning Network Mario’s Twitter: twitter.com/_TaxMeIfYouCan_ Paraleni Polis’ Twitter: twitter.com/Paralelni_polis Decentruck Twitter: twitter.com/decentruck Paraleni Polis’ Website: www.paralelnipolis.cz/ Support us here: lightningjunkies.net/support Follow Lightning Junkies: lightningjunkies.net Follow Lightning Junkies on Twitter: sicksub.network/LNJunkies Follow Chaz on Twitter: sicksub.network/TheChaz Follow Lightning Cat: sicksub.network/LNJCat People Mentioned: twitter.com/bleskomat twitter.com/SamouraiDev Projects Mentioned: github.com/Kixunil/cryptoanarchy-deb-repo-builder
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