56 minutes | Aug 28th 2020

LNJ035 - Ankur and Michael talk Boltz Exchange

Transcript: sicksub.network/LNJ035_transcript This is the 35th episode of the Lightning Junkies podcast. In this episode we have Ankur and Michael! They are the force behind Boltz Exchange. Boltz exchange is a platform that allows trades between off chain Bitcoin and on-chain Bitcoin. An example transaction might be exchanging some of your Lightning channel for an on-chain balance so you have more inbound liquidity freed up. This might be useful for merchants that are looking for a quick way to free up liquidity. We talk about how their business works and more! We talk about: Ankur’s Background Michael’s Background Pros Of Lightning Cons of Lighting Boltz Exchange Reverse Submarine Swap Lightning Tools Other Layer Two Solutions Ethereum as Layer Two for Bitcoin Meditation Boltz’s Twitter: twitter.com/Boltzhq Boltz Website: boltz.exchange Support us here: lightningjunkies.net/support Follow the Lightning Junkies blog: lightningjunkies.net Follow Lightning Junkies on Twitter: sicksub.network/LNJunkies Follow Chaz on Twitter: sicksub.network/TheChaz Follow Lightning Cat: sicksub.network/LNJCat Rabbit holes to fall down: Alex Bosworth’s Twitter: twitter.com/alexbosworth Strike: beta.strike.me Naval’s Twitter: twitter.com/naval
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