110 minutes | Jun 18, 2021

Episode 86: Promising Young Woman (2020) w/ Haleigh McKechnie

In today's episode, Tim is joined once again by his good friend Haleigh McKechnie! The two sit down and discuss the films Promising Young Woman (2020), I Care A Lot (2020) & Raw (2016)! The two start the show by quickly giving their thoughts on the new film A Quiet Place II (2021)!Be sure to checkout our sponsor Dark Sails Production! Head over to their website and mention Lighting Up The Marquee to get a Special Offer!www.darksailsproduction.comLighting Up The Marquee is available wherever you listen to podcasts! Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play & Stitcher. Be sure to check out our Facebook page Lighting Up The Marquee & our Instagram page @lutmpodcast! To stay connected with us, shoot us an email at lightupthemarquee@gmail.com! Send us questions, comments, ideas, etc. Thank you for everyone who has listened! Whether you have been listening since the beginning or just discovered the podcast, we appreciate you all! Be sure to like, rate subscribe and review Lighting Up The Marquee!
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