54 minutes | May 21, 2021

Episode 82: The ONYX Team Returns!

In today's episode, Tim is once again joined by the women of ONYX Films! Returning to the show is Jordan Pfeifer (Owner, Founder, Executive Producer)! Along with Jordan this time are: Hayley Nash (Co-Producer), Lizzie Keller (Co-Producer & Star of Noxious), Brittany Franke (Marketing & Outreach Coordinator & Star of Noxious), Lauren Worona (Cinematographer), Morgan Montgomery (Assistant Director), & Jenna Brewer (Production Designer)! The team has been hard at work on their latest film Noxious, as well as working with Cloudstar Pictures on producing their first feature film! ONYX Films is a female-led production company with the goal of introducing more stories about women to the film industry!Visit their website to learn more about who they are, the members of the company, watch their films, and buy their merch to support them!https://www.onyx-films.com/Noxious will premiere this fall on August 6th! Stay tuned for all the updates on Noxious and many more ONYX Projects through their Instagram & website!Lighting Up The Marquee is available wherever you listen to podcasts! Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play & Stitcher. Be sure to check out our Facebook page Lighting Up The Marquee & our Instagram page @lutmpodcast! To stay connected with us, shoot us an email at lightupthemarquee@gmail.com! Send us questions, comments, ideas, etc. Thank you for everyone who has listened! Whether you have been listening since the beginning or just discovered the podcast, we appreciate you all! Be sure to like, rate subscribe and review Lighting Up The Marquee!
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