115 minutes | Feb 5, 2021

Episode 73: Panda Bears & Papas Fritas w/ Evan Kidd & Damien Elliott Bynum

In today's discussion episode, Tim is joined by Evan Kidd & Damien Elliott Bynum (aka Kamus Leonardo)! Evan wrote, produced, edited, shot and directed the feature film "Panda Bear It" which is streaming on Prime Video while Damien stars in the film! The three discuss the making of the film, music, Disney Conspiracy Theories & papas fritas! Stick around past the credit music to hear Damien's song for the film, "You're Not Alone"!Be sure to check out "Panda Bear It" streaming on Prime Video! And be sure to look up Evan's website rocksetproductions.com as well as his YouTube channel!And also be on the lookout every Tuesday as Damien releases a new song every Tuesday leading up to his next album! Search for Kamus Leonardo and give his entire music catalog a listen! A very unique voice in music!Lighting Up The Marquee is available wherever you listen to podcasts! Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play & Stitcher. Be sure to check out our Facebook page Lighting Up The Marquee & our Instagram page @lutmpodcast! To stay connected with us, shoot us an email at lightupthemarquee@gmail.com! Send us questions, comments, ideas, etc. Thank you for everyone who has listened! Whether you have been listening since the beginning or just discovered the podcast, we appreciate you all! Be sure to like, rate subscribe and review Lighting Up The Marquee!
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