101 minutes | Feb 16, 2021

Sacred Geometry And The Power Of Numbers W/ Jonathan Quintin

https://www.lightingthevoid.com​Live Weeknights Mon-Fri 9 pm, PacificOn The Fringe FMhttps://fringe.fmJonathan Quintin was born and raised in the rural and rugged landscape of New Zealand. As a boy he would often forgo the constraints of a day in the classroom in favor of wandering the great outdoors. The wilderness was his classroom, and nature his teacher.At the age of 21, Jonathan began his epic journeys around the world. Over the years, he traveled through dozens of countries, absorbing as much of the culture in each one as he could.A common theme he noticed weaving its way through the symbology, religion, science, and philosophy of the Mlious traditions was the presence of classical geometry. From the pagodas of Asia to the pyramids of Egypt to the temples of Greece, the same geometric principles were applied to create structures and art that reflected the harmonic properties of natural phenomena.It was in the Middle East that Jonathan's fascination with classical geometry was heightened when he saw how the Islamic mosaics were graphically describing the dynamics of creation. It was at that time that he chose to devote the rest of his life to the pursuit of a subject that combined art, science, and mystery.He has spent the years dedicated to the study and artistic expression of classical geometry, focusing upon its therapeutic qualities and using it as a tool for a deeper understanding of the profundity of life.DJ Steezy Stevie https://www.steezymusic.com/​​Music by Chronox at https://www.chronoxofficial.com
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