35 minutes | May 30, 2021

Historian William Federer Talks of Memorial Day and the Miracle Milestones of Science

It may seem like two totally different topics, Memorial Day and scientific discoveries. And for the most part they are. But for Memorial Day it's good to remember what this holiday really means. And also, when Historian William Federer writes a book about humanity's scientific discoveries and the faith of those who discovered them, it's good to talk about that too. So, on this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Federer gives us a two-fer: Memorial Day and the Miraculous Milestones of science. Federer is a walking, talking encyclopedia of history and faith. He knows about how faith has brought us this far and how faith continues to be the foundational stronghold of this country and the historical faith that compelled people to honor the men and women who lost their lives fighting for the freedoms we enjoy in this Republic called the United States of America. But the larger picture is that we live in world, a universe, a created order that is not of our making. And it's precisely that ordered nature that gives us a clue to who God is. The Psalmist writes, "The heavens declare the glory of God." What better motivation to explore how the heavens work? That is what brought Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler to their greatest discoveries. Listen and find out how faith played a part in man's greatest scientific achievements.
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