33 minutes | May 16, 2021

Dr. Michael Youssef: America's 'Crisis' of Truth; Hope is Turning Back to Christianity

There's a crisis in the world today; the rise of angry protests and the primal scream of politics are evidence. Yet, while it's easy to identify the problem, it's difficult to find a solution. Ah, but the solution has always been with us. It's God's truth and God's love  perfectly bound together in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many theologians say Christianity is what built America, and its truths are what has sustained it. However, today's culture has let the passions of self, dictate its laws. Identity politics is where we are today. As one great theologian said, "fire makes a great servant, but a bad master." On this episode of Lighthouse Faith, Dr. Michael Youssef talks about what is lacking in this world, faith in God's authority. He offers a solution in his new book, "Hope for This Present Crisis." He makes the bold statement that America's turning from the Christian faith has been its undoing. And one of the main causes is happening right in the Church. Pastors themselves are watering down the Gospel to make it more user friendly to a secular society that is clamoring against its truths about gender, family and marriage. Listen to Dr. Youssef, founder and senior pastor of The Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, talk about the problem of cancel culture, indoctrination of students, and finally, the "Seven-step Path to Restoring a World Gone Mad."
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