32 minutes | May 9, 2021

A Two in One: Dr. Peter Kreeft on the Destruction of Western Civilization and the Wisdom of the Psalms

Boston College philosophy professor Dr. Peter Kreeft, is well known for his candid approach to Christianity and culture. He's an octogenarian who has his hand on the pulse of today's younger generations. That's because he's been teaching them for decades. This conservative, Catholic convert, speaks openly about what's wrong with the world. And his latest book zeros in on the foundational cause of our dilemma, that is the cause after the Fall from Grace. It's the fact that we're not having children. And it IS a fact because census figures show the birth rate is at its lowest since the Great Depression. But that's not the only issue Kreeft is griping about. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Kreeft talks about his newest book , "How To Destroy Western Civilization: And Other ideas from the Cultural Abyss". It's a sober look at how we in the West are destroying ourselves through abortion, yes, but also by ignoring God's truth about why we're here and our purpose in life. But not to dwell on the negative, he then takes a look at some of the most beautiful and heartfelt poetry in the Bible, the book of Psalms. In his book, "Wisdom of the Psalms," Kreeft takes a deep dive into ten of the 150 Psalms that have the greatest meaning to him. For the second half of the podcast he talks about how these ancient writings that both Jews and Christians use for worship, can be understood more fully by today's modern minds.

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