51 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

Energy Deficiency and Intuitive Eating, w/ Dietician Brittany Wehrle.

In this episode you will hear from registered dietician Brittany Wehrle. Brittany primarily works with the athletic population, but has experience working with all ages and backgrounds. We explore the concept of ‘relative energy deficiency’. Essentially, are you properly fueling yourself for your needs? Both athletes and general adult populations struggle with balancing their food intake when other aspects of life are considered: aesthetics, stress, work/class schedules, sleep routines, children, etc. Today Brittany will walk us through her approach in guiding her clients to a more balanced plan. You will also hear: Brittany’s background. Intuitive eating: what it is and how it should be used. How an athlete transitions from the athletic world to more traditional jobs. You can find Brittany: Her Instagram page Her website Enjoy the episode and please rate and review!
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