22 minutes | Oct 8, 2019

Ep. 32 – How to be a Straight Shooter, Charitably

I am convinced that the Rosary is the secret to having a strong marriage. It certainly is one of the reasons why we have a strong marriage. If you're having a lot of marital conflict, try praying the rosary daily -- even when you don't feel like it -- even when you are angry at each other.   It's so easy to take pride in being a "straight shooter". A straight shooter is someone who is honest and forthright. You see, straight shooters don't sugarcoat. They "keep it real". However, there's that pesky little thing called charity isn't there? Even straight shooters have to be charitable, or else all effort is for naught.   IN THIS EPISODE How to tell if you're a straight shooter or if you're not. The pros and cons of being a straight shooter. What do the Saints say about being charitable? How to be charitable during debates by being curious. The "Feel, Felt, Found" technique. Never call an idea or the person "stupid". How to use stories to tell the truth, charitably. EPISODE NOTES  Lifesmything is a podcast of beautysoancient.com
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