8 minutes | Oct 7, 2019

Ep. 31 – The Rosary: Secret to Having a Strong Marriage

I am convinced that the Rosary is the secret to having a strong marriage. It certainly is one of the reasons why we have a strong marriage. If you're having a lot of marital conflict, try praying the rosary daily -- even when you don't feel like it -- even when you are angry at each other. You'd be surprised at how praying the rosary can melt away the anger. Is one of you dealing with sins of impurity, jealousy, or a wandering eye? Pray the rosary, daily. IN THIS EPISODE The Seven Blessings of the Rosary. Why my husband and I have a strong marriage. How the Rosary can dissolve any anger between you and your spouse. Pray the rosary with your children, no matter how young, how old. The rosary purifies our soul. The rosary helps us to practice virtue. The rosary enriches us with graces and merits.  EPISODE NOTES  Lifesmything is a podcast of beautysoancient.com.
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