16 minutes | Sep 18, 2019

Ep. 25 – Fake Fighting on the Internet - Does Not a Soldier of Christ Make

A lot of people don't understand that what they call "fighting for the faith" on the internet, is actually fake fighting. What do I mean by that? Does anyone really believe that ranting or cutting and pasting, is fighting for the faith? Whoever does is sorely mistaken. IN THIS EPISODE Why ranting on the internet is not real fighting, but fake fighting. What does it mean to be a soldier of Christ? Why not everyone is meant to be Michael Voris or Michael Hichborn. The various roles that need to be filled in a war. Why the battle for your soul is the greatest battle you'll ever fight. What are some real "fights" you can undertake offline? When you need to pull back from the fight for a bit. How the idea of "fighting" can be a temptation. Which is your greatest weapon in a fight? EPISODE NOTES  Lifesmything is a podcast of beautysoancient.com.    
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