11 minutes | Sep 17, 2019

Ep. 24 – On Fleeing Temptation – Yes, It Will Come

 When I woke up today, I didn't know I would be podcasting about fleeing temptation. But then this happened. When I first woke up, I glanced at my phone. I know, I know. Bad habit. Well, what a surprise I received! I was greeted with the image of an almost completely nude FB friend! How did that affect me in terms of temptation? Listen to the podcast to find out. IN THIS EPISODE What made me decide to do a podcast on fleeing temptation. The first thing you should do when faced with sexual temptation? How meditation can help. The worst topic you should focus on when meditating. Why we shouldn't be secure in our own strength. EPISODE NOTES  Lifesmything is a podcast of beautysoancient.com.    
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