50 minutes | Apr 7th 2020

Episode 24: Maintaining A Healthy Mind

A better mind, means a better life! On this episode, Monica Bey sits down with Psychiatrist, Dr. Dion Metzger about how to identify and holistically treat depression, anxiety and postpartum in order to have a more fulfilled life. While expressing their thoughts on hypnosis and other psychotherapies, Dr. Metzger and Monica dive deep into self-care and the challenges surrounding psychoeducation within various communities. The audience has the opportunity to get personal with Dr. Metzger about relationship therapy and the modern woman through her new book, “The Modern Trophy Wife: How To Achieve Life Goals While Thriving At Home.” To learn more about Dr. Dion Metzger, visit www.DionMetzgerMD.com.   ABOUT MONICA BEY: When all the material signs of success proved to be unfulfilling, Monica knew there was much more in store for her divine purpose. After walking away from her successful Executive career, Monica put her spiritual gifts and teachings to use and found her true calling as a Purpose Alignment Coach and Energy Healer. Her dedication to healing others has resulted in the creation of her proven, original trademarked methods that continue to transform lives worldwide! For more information on Monica Bey, please visit www.MonicaBey.com.
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