54 minutes | Jan 13th 2020

Episode 19: Life Hacks For A Healthy Diet

With the start of the new year, comes the new year resolutions -- which usually includes becoming a healthier version of yourself! In this episode, Monica Bey dives deep into life hacks, tips and other advice on how to be the healthiest version of you with family medicine physician, Dr. Barbara Joy Jones. From intermittent fasting, to special diets and more, Dr. Jones breaks down what it truly means to eat healthy and reveals some shocking facts you may not have known. The audience will even learn how oral health contributes to the body’s overall wellbeing. To learn more about Dr. Barbara Joy Jones, follow her @themodeldoc.   ABOUT MONICA BEY: When all the material signs of success proved to be unfulfilling, Monica knew there was much more in store for her divine purpose. After walking away from her successful Executive career, Monica put her spiritual gifts and teachings to use and found her true calling as a Purpose Alignment Coach and Energy Healer. Her dedication to healing others has resulted in the creation of her proven, original trademarked methods that continue to transform lives worldwide! For more information on Monica Bey, please visit www.MonicaBey.com
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