64 minutes | Nov 24th 2019

Episode 16: Communicating To Influence

How do we communicate to influence? Monica Bey is joined by special guest, Speechwriter and Ghostwriter, her wife, Cheril Clarke. While discussing what it takes to influence others to take action through communication, both Monica and Cheril discuss everything from creating a human connection to learning how to tailor your communication based on the learning styles of your audience. Together, the ladies take the audience on a journey through Cheril’s three steps for influential communication and how to apply it to all areas of life while sharing their own experiences of communication gone wrong and what they’ve learned along the way. To learn more about Cheril Clarke, visit PhenomenalSpeeches.com or PhenomenalWriting.com.   ABOUT MONICA BEY: When all the material signs of success proved to be unfulfilling, Monica knew there was much more in store for her divine purpose. After walking away from her successful Executive career, Monica put her spiritual gifts and teachings to use and found her true calling as a Purpose Alignment Coach and Energy Healer. Her dedication to healing others has resulted in the creation of her proven, original trademarked methods that continue to transform lives worldwide! For more information on Monica Bey, please visit www.MonicaBey.com
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