43 minutes | May 22, 2021

5. Crazy Slimming Club Mentality

In this episode I dive into the crazy world of slimming clubs, their wacky rules, their quirky sayings, and the mad stuff they make you do. Find out what I had for breakfast instead of oats..... you'll never guess!Also, this week's Great Food Debate is about dangerous food. What did someone eat instead of coco puffs, how do you eat thorns, and how sunglasses saved a person's life!Join the monthly membershiphttps://lifebite.co.uk/instinctively-youBe a guest on the podcasthttps://lifebite.co.uk/podcastJoin the conversation in the Facebook group:https://facebook.com/groups/lifebiteFollow on Instagramhttps://instagram.com/lifebitenutrition@lifebitenutritionFollow on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/lifebiteieGet updates straight into your inbox each weekhttps://lifebite.co.uk/newsletterDrop me an emailHello@lifebite.co.uk 
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