40 minutes | May 15, 2021

4. I stood on the bathroom scales for you

I got the bathroom scales out as a bit of an experiment to really pay attention to my thoughts and feelings as I did it. Here's how it went, along with my thoughts on whether we should use the weighing scales or not, full stop. We also do the Great Food Debate, figuring out what the best sandwich filling is. Join the monthly membershiphttps://lifebite.co.uk/instinctively-youBe a guest on the podcasthttps://lifebite.co.uk/podcastJoin the conversation in the Facebook group:https://facebook.com/groups/lifebiteFollow on Instagramhttps://instagram.com/lifebitenutrition@lifebitenutritionFollow on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/lifebiteieGet updates straight into your inbox each weekhttps://lifebite.co.uk/newsletterDrop me an emailHello@lifebite.co.uk 
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