23 minutes | Apr 25, 2021

1. Why it's not your fault that you're a serial dieter

We spend so much of our lives yo-yo dieting. Diet, lose weight, stop, gain weight.... over and over..... but it's not your fault. Find out why it's not your fault, what happened when I did an experiment to see how many times diet culture pops up in a week and what Monica from Friends would say if she could hear me. Join the conversation in the Facebook group:https://facebook.com/groups/lifebiteFollow on Instagramhttps://instagram.com/lifebitenutrition@lifebitenutritionJoin the monthly membershiphttps://lifebite.co.uk/instinctively-youGet updates straight into your inbox each weekhttps://lifebite.co.uk/newsletterDrop me an emailHello@lifebite.co.uk 
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