40 minutes | Oct 12, 2021

Moving Through Life Without Us

Inspired by the stories of the Life Without Us podcast’s season one guests, host Valery mics up with a surprise special guest to reflect on what we loved, learned, and are looking forward to as we wrap up the show’s inaugural season.  Episode available at lifewithoutuspod.com  In this episode:* Which stories of community and connection inspired the most reflection* Which guests most nudged us towards change . . . and what might that change look like?* Moments of discomfort on what it means to show up well in community * Bringing back the classic unplanned phone call to stay connected* Boundaries: why we need them and how to manage them* What’s next for the Life Without Us podcast.Join our email list, send us questions, and provide guest / co-host / topic suggestions at lifewithoutuspod.com and @lifewithoutuspodFind Other Episode References:Prentis Hemphill’s Quote on Boundaries
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