35 minutes | Sep 14, 2021

Craig Ruttan on Housing Solutions

“The box is generally a two or three story single family home and that’s about it. I think knowing that we need to get a lot more creative about how we’re living means that we need to raise that bar and enable more of that creativity. Because cities should be a little messy. ” — Craig RuttanEpisode available at lifewithoutuspod.com Craig Ruttan bought his first home this year giving him a front row seat to the urban housing issues he was already familiar with as a public policy leader and community enthusiast.At the outset of their search, he, his fiancé Alex, two other couples, and an individual set out to buy a four-unit home in downtown Toronto for their new cohousing community. At the end of it, Craig, Alex, and their friends, Mike and Heather, moved into a two-unit home with ambitions to expand through laneway house construction in the future.  Host Valery connected with Craig three weeks post move-in to talk about the joy of starting to realize his and his co-owners’ vision for living in community and the choices that need to be made to replace profit with people as the focus of Toronto’s housing policy. In this episode:* House hunting as a group* Evolving private rituals and traditions into shared community experiences * Queer concepts of community * Intergenerational wealth, white privilege, and Toronto’s homogenization by housing policy problem* Housing access through “densification” “as-of-right zoning bylaws,” “strata ownership,” “shared equity models” and other creative policy solutions* Future hopes for a community and a cityJoin our email list, send us questions, and provide guest / co-host / topic suggestions at lifewithoutuspod.com and @lifewithoutuspodFind Craig: TwitterFind Other Episode References:Black North Initiative and Habitat for Humanity GTA Toronto Star editorial on Anti-Black Racism and Housing Toronto’s Laneway Suites ProgramToronto’s As-of-right Garden Suites ProposalTypes of Strata OwnershipOptions for Homes
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