12 minutes | Dec 4, 2019

#36: RIP Struggling

Struggling sometimes appears more like a way of life now-a-days. Eleni and Phoebe talk about what struggling means and how to shift out of it into the land of snuggle. Notes We’ve been feeling that “struggle” is wide-spread and amplified lately.  One way to step out-of-struggle is to practice becoming more neutral. Holding false stories around neutrality may conjure up feelings of guilt, such as, that we’re not being kind or that we’re letting someone down. Self-love and love allows all of us to learn in our highest good. There’s suffering from lack of physical amenities and human rights. There are struggles that are more emotionally or mentally based. Sometimes struggles may have originated through the physical, but become emotional or mental struggles, particularly if we’re no longer in a survival situation, but we continue to carry that story. When we become conscious of struggle(s) and take some sort of action, we can let go of the struggle. The Universe is always sending us information to help us evolve through our struggles. Our personal work informs the collective. Eleni and Phoebe banter about a tee-shirt with the idiom “The Snuggle Is Real.” We love how it  turns the “struggle is real” upside down. We can choose to learn through contrasts, but we can also choose to learn through love.  Love is real!   Subscribe to invite our conversation into your life every Wednesday. <3 Join our conversation on Instagram. https://www.lifeunveiled.today/   Musical Intro and Outro is “Blue Ska” by  Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License, http://creativecomm
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