27 minutes | Dec 3, 2019

Epi 002- Choose your thoughts

Choose your thoughts like you choose your socks. With care and purpose!  We run around with thoughts rushing through our heads all day long. In 2005 the national science foundation published an article saying the average person has 60 thousand thoughts a day. 80% tend to be negative and 95% repetitive. Your thoughts will go unchecked until you do something about them. We give more thought to picking out our socks than to what we think. You check the weather, you decide what you want to wear then go into your sock drawer and go through and choose which pair would be best. We don’t do this with our thoughts. And Why? Well because we haven’t been encouraged to do so and shown how.   In the next few episodes, I want to really break down how your brain and your mind work. I think this is fundamental to you actually getting empowered to change things and really move our life in the direction that you choose. You feel stuck because you are! Your brain loves to save energy so it will do what is easy, not what is always in your best interest unless you make it. I firmly believe that the majority of people have never been taught the skills of being able to control their thoughts and emotions and these two are vital in how we go through life, what actions we take and what results we get. This is part of the reason why mental health these days is in such crisis. We look at people as sick or disordered when in reality a lot of the time it’s an awareness and skillset issue. We like to categorize health into good health and bad health as if it’s by accident. Health is not a noun, health is a verb. To have good mental health, to have good physical or emotional and spiritual health it all requires ACTION. This is absolutely non-negotiable.  I want to let you know this is difficult for the first little while because you are rewiring your thinking patterns. For simplicity sake. I want you to think of your brain as divided into 3 sections.  The reptilian mind- basic, primitive, evolved to take care of your survival. Nano-second processing. The mammalian brain- this is where your needs and emotions are stored. Then there is the human brain as I like to call it. This is where your executive functioning and problem-solving is and this is the part from an evolutionary perspective of what makes us human.  You do not use only 5% of your brain. Your brain is working all the time to its full capacity. We are only aware of a very small fraction. This part is the voice you hear in your head. Your voice. Your brain processes an estimated 11millions bits of info and you are only aware of about 50 bits at a time. So your subconscious mind is the 11 million bits and your conscious is the 50 bits. As you can see the subconscious runs the show.  I want you to think about your brain as a computer. You have the hardware- the subconscious that runs in the background. Then there are the programs that you do access too-your conscious. The majority of your subconscious download occurs between the ages of 0 to 7. You may have shit in that program that you don’t remember that is having a huge impact on how you see the world around you. If the program you are running in the background is riddled with stress, anxiety, this will affect how you experience your world. However, if you change the program you change how that computer works.  Your brain is placid. The neuropathways that are fired most often become your default or go-to mode. So if you have gotten into the habit of being an asshole towards yourself that program will always be playing. Becoming aware of what you are saying to yourself throughout the day is critical. You need to notice what you are saying, identify who you got that from because chances are you got your record from someone, and then rewrite that record or program by reminding yourself of the evidence against those negative thoughts.
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