38 minutes | Apr 13, 2021

Using Hypnosis To Train Your Mind With Erika Flint

We often think of healthy habits and time-blocking as productivity-increasing tools, but hypnosis is a high-performance tool as well! Erika Flint shares all about how to use hypnosis to lose weight, stop drinking, sleep better, work through tension, and do the deep work required to feel better all around. The brain creates new cells and new connections daily, and it is up to us to focus on that ability and train the mind to learn conscious choice toward helpful habits and choose presence over default reactions so that we can lean into our most productive, best selves at work and home. Listen to how Erika combines her analytical expertise along with streamlined hypnosis techniques to train some of the best minds in the world with a powerful system of modern hypnosis specifically designed for entrepreneurs to use to grow their businesses.  More on IG @life_rebalanced
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