53 minutes | Mar 16, 2021

From Burnout To Balance with Veronica Sagastume

Not every decision we make should be about efficiency, upleveling our career, or investing more. Veronica Sagastume was faced with a choice, the corner office and three-letter title, or precious time with her then 90-year-old grandmother. She’d been stressed and snappy for weeks, developed an eye twitch, and felt pulled in every direction, feeling as if she was failing at everything. There had to be a better way. Tag along in this episode and hear about her breakthrough moment, how she consciously disassociated from her work title, and how, in just 6 months, she left her corporate career to be by her grandmother’s side when it mattered most. Now, as an entrepreneur, she’s helping more people than ever AND enjoying a flexible personal schedule.  More on IG @life_rebalanced
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