86 minutes | May 2, 2020

13. What does it take to be a top photographer? Ft. Arjun Menon | Art Leaves a Mark

How do you take an indelible experience in life, channel it into art, and transform into a compelling storyteller through photography? Arjun Menon, founder of 'Art Leaves a Mark' talks about alternate Desi careers, social media being a "funny thing", the ephemeral nature of instant gratification, being a globe trotting adventurer and the grueling yet rewarding process of true expression. His projects 'The Extraordinary|Indian Army', India Change the Perception, Sounds of Cochin, #TimeOut have garnered Millions of eyeballs which we all have been falling in love with over and over again!  What do you think about following your passion? Do you have the courage to do it? Share your comments with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and lifeofaglobaldesi@gmail.com. Listen to us on Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, Google Podcasts and anywhere else you listen to podcasts!
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