7 minutes | Jul 5, 2019

Life Moments - Where Are You Today in Life?

LM-42 Where Are You in Life Today? In today's podcast, we discuss the question 'where are you today in life?' We all have ups and downs in life and at times life can seem a bit overwhelming. We all have good times and then times where we seem to hit rock bottom. Our response and our attitudes during these times will often help to determine the outcome. Do we develop a bad attitude, or get jaded towards life or people? Hopefully, we have healthy coping mechanisms that kick into action when we run into life's obstacles, and we are able to persevere and move forward. Faith, family, and friends are always a welcome refuge when times get tough.  If you need professional help or counseling seek it. Don't let your environment or any other factor put a damper on your ability to live life courageously and with an attitude of gratitude. Live life with a purpose and help as many as you can along the way. Until next week...   Terry's Books on Amazon (Click Here)  
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