11 minutes | Jan 18, 2019

Life Moments - Podcast # 34 - Security Awareness (Part 2)

In today's podcast, we will be discussing Security Awareness which is something that all of us should stay on top of. We will be talking about Situational Awareness, which is the foundation for every good personal security education, and other topics which relate to keeping you and your family as safe as possible. I would suggest that you encourage your spouse, parents, kids, and friends to listen to today's podcast and that if you don't have a copy of my book Livesafe that you order yourself and every member of your family a copy today. Get educated on personal and family security and be ready to act and survive should you find yourself in a critical threat situation. Thanks for joining us today, subscribe and tell all your family and friends about us. Feel free to share this podcast on your social media posts. Join us next week as we welcome our special guest Brad Smallwood, who is a walking encyclopedia on money saving and retirement tips. Until next week... Order your copy of LIVESAFE
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