24 minutes | Sep 20, 2020

Ep. 05: Camp Hero's founder Rocco Besednjak

Matt sits down to talk with Rocco Basednjak, founder of Camp Hero. Rocco spent over 4 years in the US Navy before being medically retired as a result of duty related injury. Not wanting to stop serving, Rocco served as a police officer for over seven years before he was forced to retire again. This time due to spinal injuries suffered after being intentionally dragged and ran over by a wanted felon in an attempt to escape during a traffic stop. Through his own healing process, Rocco rediscovered his love for the outdoors and the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors, in nature, and around like minded people. Rocco, with an unwavering call to serve, sought to provide a location and experience that could help others in their healing process. From his vision, Camp Hero was born on a 160 acre piece of property where other wounded heroes could heal, and at risk youth (our heros of the future) could grow through mentorship.Learn more about Camp Hero at www.campheroky.orgwww.palmettopursuit.comInstagram - @palmettopursuitFacebook - @palmettopursuitTwitter - @palmettopursuit
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