44 minutes | Mar 17th 2020

166: Dena Jansen: Building a Language of Trust

Dena Jansen, CPA, former accounting firm partner, and the Founder of Dena Speaks, joined us for a second time on this episode of Life In Accounting, the Where Accountants Go podcast. Dena’s career spans public accounting in small firms, to the “Big 4”, to then a major Austin-based regional firm.  As her career developed in the approximately 15 years she spent in the audit field, she found that it was largely the interpersonal, or people development areas that she enjoyed.  For that reason, she took the bold step of leaving her partner status in public accounting to venture out on her own and build a coaching and speaking business.  That was about where our last episode with Dena began (“Episode 75:  Dena Jansen – It’s All About People”). In this update episode though, we start with a recap of Dena’s career, but delve deeper into the topic of building trust.  Dena is a frequent continuing education speaker in the accounting profession on this very topic, plus she does private training and consulting sessions with firms.  She cites several books as sources for her research, but one book in particular that we wanted to make sure we highlighted is her own!  Since our first podcast with Dena, she has become an author and written “Road To Hope” which can be found in paper form, e-book format, and even Audible editions.  Make sure you check it out at the link above. No matter what point you are at in your own career, you will find value in this episode. For related podcast, make sure you check out these episodes as well:  Dena Jansen (the first interview) and Sarah Elliott To listen in on this new episode with Dena Jansen, please use the player below:
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