46 minutes | Feb 10th 2020

162: Wayne Richard, Partner & COO at Bean Ninjas

Wayne Richard, the Chief Operating Officer and a Partner at Bean Ninjas, joined us for this episode of Life In Accounting, the Where Accountants Go podcast. In this episode, Wayne shares how his career started with major corporations in industry such as IBM and HP. He spent many years “climbing the corporate ladder” with Hewlett Packard, until an unfortunate turn of events caused a downsizing and restructuring in his department. However, it ended up not being as unfortunate as many would expect. It was exactly this catalyst that launched him full-time into the world he loves: working with small businesses. Wayne now serves as a Partner and the COO of Bean Ninjas, the company he merged his prior business into, and he fully enjoys his career. If you are curious about the business model of working with remote clients, or even looking for that type of accounting service yourself, make sure you listen to this episode. Wayne is a very humble individual, but you can tell that he is definitely passionate about their services and the flexibility the business model gives him. With 5 kids, flexibility is vital! Other episodes you may enjoy will include: Joseph Rugger and Matt Malcolm To leave us feedback through our audio recorder, please click here. To listen in on this episode with Wayne Richard of Bean Ninjas, please use the player below:
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